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Current Series
As we present this important book, we’ll give careful attention to the details without losing sight of Matthew’s major ideas and themes. Together with our previous studies in Luke and John, we’re rounding out the full story of Jesus’ arrival and work on earth. Every Christian can profit from such a grounding.


What is Verse By Verse Fellowship (VBVF)?

Verse By Verse Fellowship is the name of a new church that will begin meeting in San Antonio, Texas, in the near future. The church will be organized as a nondenominational, independent body of Christians dedicated to growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, living with eyes for eternity and being equipped to reach the world for Christ.

Who is starting the church?

Verse By Verse Ministry International (VBVMI) is planting the church. To learn more about VBVMI, please visit www.vbvmi.org.

Why is VBVMI starting a church?

The Board of Directors voted to plant a church in San Antonio to further the mission of the ministry and promote its future growth. By planting a home church, the Board believes the ministry can provide even more and better Bible teaching to the city of San Antonio and to the world through the VBVMI website.

We already have many churches in San Antonio…why plant another church?

First, planting new churches lies at the heart of our mission as disciples of Christ. Christ commanded His followers to carry the Gospel to every corner of the world, establishing communities to win new converts to the faith and to train up believers to obey Christ’s word (Matt 28:19-20). We’re acting in obedience to that calling.

Secondly, even in the internet age, the local church remains the principle means God uses to reach the lost and disciple the saved, and VBVMI believes an opportunity exists to establish a unique church community in San Antonio that embraces verse-by-verse teaching of the word of  God.

Thirdly, by establishing a local church in San Antonio, VBVMI will be strengthened in its own mission to share Pastor Armstrong’s Bible teaching with an international audience via the internet, enabling the two ministries to work together to accomplish even more for Christ.

Why did you select the name Verse By Verse Fellowship?

The name Verse By Verse Fellowship was selected to acknowledge the church’s parent organization, VBVMI, and to emphasize our dedication to studying the whole counsel of God’s word verse-by-verse. Many Christians today are hungry to learn the Bible, and our church hopes to reach that community by making verse-by-verse Bible teaching the cornerstone of all we do.   

Who will pastor and lead VBVF?

The pastor of VBVF is Stephen Armstrong. Steve will serve as the executive leader of the church and will be the primary teacher/preacher. The Board of Directors for VBVMI will act as the governing elder board for the church. In the future when feasible, the VBVMI Board will appoint an independent elder board to govern the church and may hire additional pastors and staff.

When will VBVF begin meeting?

Our church planting effort will take place in three phases. Phase I is a planning and organizing period which is underway now and will last several weeks. Phase II will be a “soft launch” of weekly church services in late January 2018 in a temporary facility and is expected to last 3–6 months. Phase III is the formal launch of VBVF in a permanent location hopefully within a year.

Where will the church meet?

During Phase I, the church will conduct organizing meetings at the offices of Ariel Ministries (dates and times TBA). Our meeting locations for Phases II & III are TBD. Ariel Ministries is located at:

Ariel Ministries
11926 Radium St
San Antonio, Texas, 78216.

How can I get involved?

  1. Begin by completing an Information Packet. You will be invited to join ongoing prayer and planning meetings in the near future.
  2. Pray regularly for our church planting effort.
  3. Recruit friends, family and neighbors to join the church. After prayer, word of mouth is the most powerful tool you have for helping grow our church.
  4. Redirect your monthly tithing/giving to VBVF to help fund the planting effort. Donations to VBVF are tax-deductible and may be submitted through the VBVMI website donation page at:
    https://www.versebyverseministry.org/donate. Please designate your donation for VBVF (church).

How will the church planting effort be financed?

VBVMI will provide some initial funding to support the planting effort, including Pastor Armstrong’s salary, however, the Board of Directors has stipulated that VBVF must be financially self-sustaining prior to launch, meaning the individuals and families involved in planting the church must fund the operations of the church. Therefore, it’s critical we recruit a core team of families to assist in planting the church.

What are the beliefs of this church?

The church will be founded on the same core beliefs held by VBVMI, which you can find at: www.versebyverseministry.org/about/doctrinal_beliefs.

What style of worship music will the church use?

To reach the culture around us, we will feature contemporary worship music.

A Church For
People Who Love
The Word. (John 1:1)


 PRAY daily for our needs:

The Lord will build His church, and He works through our prayers to direct us, to encourage us and to meet our needs. You can find our current prayer priorities below.


SAY something to others:

After prayer, word of mouth is the most powerful tool God uses to grow the church. Please consider sharing the news of VBVF with at least ten people.


Help us PAY for our expenses:

Planting a new church is costly. Please consider supporting us with a tax-deductible monthly donation through VBVMI.org. 


To create a community dedicated to:

Growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Equipping one another to reach the world for Christ,
And living with eyes for an eternity with Christ.

Will you help us make our vision a reality?