Our Action Plan

Given the fast-changing COVID-19 outbreak, we’re re-evaluating and adjusting our plans daily to ensure the health and well-being of our congregation. We fully expect U.S. coronavirus cases to continue increasing, and San Antonio has confirmed its first case of local transmission. Furthermore, the San Antonio mayor has banned gatherings of 500 or more.

In response to these developments the leaders have decided to suspend all services until further notice.

Your health and safety is a top priority for the VBVF Elders, so as the spread of this deadly illness intensifies, we are committed to responding in calm and rational ways without undermining our trust and reliance on the Lord. The Bible teaches us to live with eyes for eternity, which means keeping an eternal perspective in everything that comes our way, but the Bible doesn’t ask us to take unnecessary risks with our health or the health of others.

Despite the cancellation of our weekly gatherings, we will continue streaming the Matthew sermons and the weekly Revelation study and all study materials will continue to be available online. Click here to view the livestream page.

Most importantly, please continue in prayer for our church members, city and nation. Nothing grows our prayer life better than when we face a trial, so take full advantage of this trial to learn to pray more! We believe the Lord is at work in this crisis to accomplish something for His glory, so pray He will show us how to align with that purpose.

Our priority is to maintain your health and safety. As the situation develops we’ll be sending out communication and guidance over email. Please use the link below to make sure that you’re able to receive these updates.