Renew your love for the Word.

John 1:1

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Current Series

As we present this important book, we’ll give careful attention to the details without losing sight of Matthew’s major ideas and themes. Together with our previous studies in Luke and John, we’re rounding out the full story of Jesus’ arrival and work on earth. Every Christian can profit from such a grounding.


To create a community dedicated to:

Growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Equipping one another to reach the world for Christ,
And living with eyes for an eternity with Christ.

Will you help us make our vision a reality?

A Church For
People Who Love
The Word. (John 1:1)


 PRAY daily for our needs:

The Lord will build His church, and He works through our prayers to direct us, to encourage us and to meet our needs. You can find our current prayer priorities below.


SAY something to others:

After prayer, word of mouth is the most powerful tool God uses to grow the church. Please consider sharing the news of VBVF with at least ten people.


Help us PAY for our expenses:

Planting a new church is costly. Please consider supporting us with a tax-deductible monthly donation.